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FLUMINIS “The Best Seller”

A purifying and relaxing path in the hot spa area which includes:

  • Aromatic steam bath
  • Finnish sauna
  • Jacuzzi with sea salt
  • Monsoon rain
  • Herbal tea or tea with biscuits
  • Relaxation area with natural post sauna temperature
  • Soft kit (slippers, towel)
  • Tnt costumes on request € 2 pp

Duration 1h 30 ‘c.a. € 30


Aquatio path hydration. An absolute hydration method of facial skin and body. A path from the aesthetic and structural benefits, which restores the right levels of hydration and compensates the ionic imbalances, resulting from exogenous and endogenous causes.

Aquatio includes:
Ritual identification (essence choice) – Emotional Shower
– Water Winding (pack of fossil water) – Jacuzzi –
Ristora (facial rebalancing and moisturizing) – Massage

Duration 2 hours 30 minutes € 150


Tonic of the renewal process. A path that offers an extraordinary lifting effect both face and body. Toning and firming, its effectiveness is based on the careful selection of natural acids, free from any side effect.

Tonic includes:
identification ritual (essence choice) – Aurora (facial treatment
Restructuring) – Tonicum (firming body treatment) – Massage

Duration 2 hours 30 minutes € 120


Novus path of renewal. A treatment created for cell regeneration of the face and body purification. It is a complete treatment which is suitable for every skin type (oily, dry, mature, sensitive).

Novus includes:
identification ritual (essence choice) – Regenerate (treatment
regenerating and toning facial) – Novitas (body treatment to
Action rejuvenating) – Ritual of rebirth (sponge bath with essences)
– Massage

2 hours € 120


Quieta path of peace. busy life, incessant rhythms and high blood pressure are often the cause of many ailments, physical and mental. Quiet exists to alleviate these problems and, with his passing from hot to cold, will help you achieve a state of unparalleled absolute quietness.

Quieta includes:
identification ritual (essence choice) – Sauna – Shower
emotional – turkish bath – mud wrap (with mud
thermal clays) – Lissaggio (exfoliation with thermal salt)

3 hours 30 min € 160


Salis path of thermal salt. A rejuvenating and purifying path with the thermal salt scrub, decontracting and spa rituals jets. Combines the roughness of the thermal salt to the pleasure of the hot sponge, the purifying effect of the turkish bath to the feeling of total well-being of the manual massage. Pretty cool!

Salis includes:
identification ritual (essence choice) – Lissaggio
(Exfoliation with thermal salt) – Ritual of rebirth
(Sponge bath with essential oils) turkish bath – Whirlpool –
Massage – Relax and restorative herbal tea

2 hours € 140

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