The spa facial cleansing for normal skin and / or greasy. The unique richness of fossil minerals contained in the Salsomaggiore’s water allow to obtain a perfect balance of the skin and a deep cleansing action. € 60


Spa treatment with revitalizing and restructuring action, dedicated to the older and more demanding skins, that needs of an attenuation of the signs of the time and a precious revival effect. € 60


Anti-aging spa treatment with a stimulating action, dedicated to the senescent and dull skins. The skin tissues are fully restored and the production of collagen and elastin increases due to the special “Boreal” mask, tissues are toned and energized. € 60


Spa treatment for rejuvenating and balancing action. Designed for dry sensitive skin, it provides the right level of hydration. € 60


spa treatment with moisturizing and normalizing action, dedicated to young seborrheic skins. € 60


spa treatment with an oxygenating action, with the aim of favoring the oxygenation by improving the “breath” of the skin tissue. Designed for impure and intoxicated skins. € 50


Sebum-regulating action spa treatment, designed especially for oily and seborrheic skins that needs an absorbent action, a treatment that use the undisputed beneficial properties of the fossil water of Salsomaggiore Terme and the absorbing power of the original mud. € 50


A pleasant exfoliation of the whole body. ThIS is a treatment that combines the exfoliating, draining, detoxifying properties of the Spa salt with moisturizing and firming of the water oil. Treatment duration 40 ‘c.a. € 60

Possibility to add, 15 ‘of steam bed “cloud” + € 10


The embracing in an amalgam of clay and water allows the elimination of body waste, skin purification performing a draining action. Treatment duration 60 ‘c.a. € 70

Possibility to add, 15 ‘of steam bed “cloud” + € 10


The special blend of micro-granules of lapillus pumice, perform a gentle smoothing action which helps the elimination of impurities, stimulating cells turnover. Treatment duration 40 ‘c.a. € 70


Spa treatment with Primary Mud which has an intensive reducing action.
Goal: help to significantly reduce the fat deposits and cellulite through the drainage and removal of excess fluids. Duration 60 ‘c.a.
Single treatment € 70
Three sessions € 190 (recommended)


Spa treatment with Fossil Water with an intensive firming action. Reshapes the silhouette taking care of the functionality of the skin tissue.
Goal: regroup and firm skin tissue giving elasticity and texture promoting the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans in order to fight back the chrono-aging. Treatment duration 60 ‘c.a.
Single treatment € 60
4 sessions € 210 (recommended)


Exfoliation and oxygenation of tissues. Fossil Water combined with a delicate geommage and Spa Salt, smoothes the skin while minimizing imperfections and restoring brightness. Goal: Restore the bio skin functionality giving brightness and hydration. Duration 60 ‘cc € 50

LIPOSOLV thermal poultice

spa treatment lipolytic. In this treatment the crown jewel is Terra Maris, the Thermal Poultice to liporeducing action.
Objective: To stimulate lipolysis and reduce localized fat. Duration 60 ‘c.a.
Single seat € 70
4 Seats € 250

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