Not just an hotel restaurant

Giardino di Pietra is an elegant and tasty way to represent our traditions and the best of our surroundings

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The food in Sicily is a serious topic

the habit of  delicious and healthy food is transmitted to all childrens.


And fortunately, our island is the place where healthy and tasty cooking and eating well, besides being a cult become everyday expressions to share with all visitors. This is the simple philosophy behind our restaurant “The Mastri Flavetta” where passion and sophistication always meet the best local tradition.

The creativity of our chef Isidoro and Giuseppe, born and raised in a picturesque fishing village,  never overshadowed the link with the past, with those delicacies that are eagerly waiting on the dinner table every Sunday.

Careful selection of ingredients that rewards excellence of the place and makes stunning also dishes already tasted somewhere.

bio orto naturaIn addition to that we have a wonderful organic garden just behind our kitchen where Salvatore, every single day, is dedicated to the cultivation of tasty and healthy vegetables, using methods that are lost in the mists of time.

There is also a good presence of flavors and spices, the result of travel and multicultural experiences, recalling the Sicilian cuisine as a result of the of  peoples own the island over the centuries.

These are wrapped by distinct notes of Sicilian great label, national or international.

NEW!! Special extra traditional recipes every single evening, we would delight you by the delicatessen that the local market offers us every day!!

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