isola-bella-taorminaTaormina is just 15 min from Sicily Hotel Castello San Marco. Picture-perfect with the dramatic peak of Mount Etna as a backdrop, hugs the crest of a small peninsula that juts out to the sea. Steep cliffs drop to the unbelievably blue sea. Quaint streets wind through the colorful town where you can browse in the many smart boutiques, sip a cappuccino at a small café, or simply enjoy the incredible view.

The scent of oranges is in the air and brilliantly colored bougainvilleas lace the medieval buildings.However, it is not just the natural beauty of its spectacular setting that makes Taormina so popular. As in all of Sicily, your leisure pleasure is enhanced with fabulous sights to see.
The prime archaeological target for your sightseeing is the Greek Theater. From the center of town an easy walk up Via Teatro Greco takes you to a magnificent theater dug into the sloping hillside above the town. Built by the Greeks in the 3rd century B.C., the open-air amphitheater has only a token few of its original columns remaining, making the effect even more romantic.

As you gaze beyond the rows of seats to the stage below and out to the vivid blue sea beyond, you will think there is no prettier picture in all of Italy.
After visiting the Greek Theater, most of the remainder of your sightseeing can be done informally while strolling through town.
First pick up a map and general information at the tourist office in the Palazzo Corvaia, a 15th-century palace located on the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.
From the Palazzo Corvaia, continue through town and stop at the 17th-century St. Giuseppe Church in Piazza Nove Aprile.
As you walk on, be sure to step inside the 13th-century Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo to enjoy the paintings. Farther on you come to the 12th-century Torre dell’Orologio, the portal that leads into the oldest and most colorful part of Taormina, Borgo Medieval.

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